Alexander Safety is committed to the betterment and prosperity of the Nation and we are devoted to generating meaningful employment and training opportunities for Alexander members. Revenues realized from Alexander Safety are disseminated back through ACC and assist in developing economic capacity for the Nation, while providing support to underfunded programs within the community.

Operational Excellence

We utilize our professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to consistently exceed industry standards and surpass client expectations. We commit to ensuring safety without compromising productivity.

Economic Empowerment

We create economic opportunities that build sustainable and resilient communities while generating local prosperity, growth, and impact for the Alexander Nation.


Our team

Brent Stark

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

For 25 years Brent has spearheaded the innovation and growth of reputable businesses that proudly serve the oil and gas industry in Alberta. What commenced with a simple milk truck and some fire extinguishers, rapidly evolved into an impressive, large-scale safety company under Brent’s strategic direction. As a result of Brent’s leadership and vision, his company was awarded the Small Business Award of Distinction from the Alberta Chamber of Commerce. Following the sale of his interests in his business, Brent continued his ventures in the sector through the establishment of another successful energy services company. Brent is an active member of the local community and the sole owner of the Whitecourt Wolverines Junior A Hockey Team. He presides as the president of a local non-profit organization (Stark Sport’s Society) and has sat on the board of directors for various executive committees. Brent prides himself on building authentic relationships that are founded on mutual respect, loyalty, and integrity.



Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Brendan is a dynamic professional who brings considerable experience to the Alexander Safety team. For the past decade, he has served in various capacities within the oil and gas sector. Beginning his career as an industrial firefighter, Brendan then transitioned into management where he expanded his skills in business development, marketing, and sales. During his tenures within the industry, Brendan gained valuable experience in strategic business operations, progressive leadership, and vendor relations. Brendan is an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen.



Medical Manager

Karen has been an active primary care paramedic and emergency medical responder in Alberta for over 20 years. Her passion and expertise lie in providing industrial emergency response and safety services for the oil and gas sector. Karen began her career with the Associated Ambulance in Mayerthorpe, and quickly advanced to become a prominent member of the management team, earning her gold patches as division manager. She has 15 years of executive ownership experience and served as an owner/operator for two distinct and reputable safety companies. Karen was also a proud member of the Whitecourt Fire Department in both fire prevention and dispatching and has provided onsite medical support for over two decades.


Medical Director

Dr. Robert Bernier is a general practitioner with 35 years of experience as a medical professional. He has served as a family physician and the President of medical staff for much of his career. Notably, Dr. Bernier has over 20 years of experience as the Medical Director for Associated Ambulance and various safety companies within the oil and gas industry. He achieved his medical degree from the University of Alberta in 1984 and completed his Rotating and Internal Medicine Internship in 1984-1986. Dr. Bernier holds a CPSA Personal and Prof Corp Membership, and he is an AMA Member, CFPC Mainpro Participant, and CMPA member. He has served as the President of Medical Staff at the Mayerthorpe Healthcare Centre for 20+ years, spent 8 years as an ACLS Instructor and was an initial member of AHS First Response Medical Protocols formation.


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