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We understand the requirements necessary to operate with confidence and achieve compliance with legislation, worker training, and the development of streamlined and efficient processes to ensure success. Our " hands-on" approach for our clients is what makes our company truly unique.

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Having on-site medical staff can mean the difference of life or death in an emergency situation. Alexander Safety's Industrial Medical Division brings healthcare support and emergency medical care to remote sites. Our highly credentialed and qualified team of Responders, Technicians, Paramedics and Nurses provide an unrivalled level of service to industry and our communities.


  • Mobile Treatment Centers

  • Industrial Ambulances

  • 24/7 Emergency Response and Standby Services

  • 24/7 on-call Medical Director ( Robert Bernier, BSc, MD)

Our modern fleet of 4x4 medical units are equipped with GPS, Wifi, and AED's. and they exceed all regulatory standards. Alexander Safety specializes in providing rapid patient treatment, support and documentation in order to sustain life and prevent further injury. 



  • Advanced First Aiders/ Security

  • Emergency Medical Responders

  • Primary Care Paramedics

  • Advanced Care Paramedics

  • Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Registered Nurses

  • Licensed Physicians


All medical personnel are trained to the highest standard and are capable of providing outstanding pre-hospital care onsite. Each are registered members of their relevant governing body.



Deadly and harmful gases, liquids, and contaminants are a reality in the oil and gas industry. Alexander Safety offers round the clock safety services and invests in the highest quality equipment to ensure optimal protection from atmospheric hazards and operational threats. We have the manpower, experience, and technical expertise to be your turn-around solution provider. 

Available services include:

  • Breathing Air Trailers - High pressure 4500 PSI system, 8 Bottle Cascade, 2 SCBA and 6 SABA Standard, 1,050 Ft. Breathing Air Line Standard

  •  Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA)

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • Portable and Fixed Gas Monitors

  • H2S Safety Supervision

  • High Angle Rescue

  • Confined Space Monitor and Rescue

  • Mobile Air Quality Detection

  • Safety Equipment Rentals



 Alexander Safety is committed to providing quality, code compliant, service in all aspects of Fire and Life Safety systems. Our fully trained, certified and insured technicians can inspect all equipment and systems at regular intervals to ensure that they are up to code and up to task for protecting property and lives. We maintain and service all brands of fire extinguishers. In addition to annual inspections and maintenance, we track our mobile facility work through Building Reports Canada, so you have complete records of your inspections.


  • On-site Services (mobile units)

  • Fire extinguishers - Sales, Inspection, Servicing, Certification (Intertek Canada Certified Facility)

  • Low Pressure & High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

  • Fire Hose Testing 

  • Pre-Engineered Kitchen Suppression Systems & Off-Road Suppression Systems - Inspection, Servicing, Certification

  • Fire Alarm - Inspection, Servicing, Certification

  • Building Reports & Facility Surveys

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Committed to keeping you safe and compliant.

AIR PAKs & GAS monitoring

Our factory-trained and certified technicians ensure your Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment is in optimum condition and in accordance with all applicable legislation.

Air Paks

SCBA Inspection and Repair

  • AIR Pak Flow Testing

  • Respiratory Mask Cleaning

  • Respiratory Fit Testing

  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing and Filling

  • Breathing Air Compressor Service

  • Design and Installation

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