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Alexander Safety is proud to be a Band-owned business of Kipohtakaw — Alexander First Nation. By working with Alexander Safety, clients can realize value through several corporate initiatives. 

Indigenous Procurement 

Alexander Safety is a 100% Indigenous Band Owned Company owned by Kipohtakaw — Alexander First Nation. We are committed to the betterment and prosperity of the Nation, and we are devoted to generating meaningful employment and training opportunities for Alexander members. Alexander Safety was created to enhance the capacity and sustainability of the Nation, while providing support to underfunded programs within the community.


As corporations and institutions work to succeed in reaching their goals related to the Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria, Indigenous Peoples and Nations are at the forefront of expanding the 'Social' criteria. Alexander First Nation and Alexander Safety effectively responds to several aspects of the Social criteria, by creating jobs for Indigenous Peoples, ensuring a safe work culture, and instilling quantitative and relational metrics of success that can be celebrated and shared in ESG reports and special stories.

Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

As a proud member of CCAB, Alexander Safety provides trusted and reliable medical and safety services to industries and markets across Western Canada. Working with Alexander Safety ensures that corporations can maximize the value of Indigenous businesses in their supply chain and operations. 

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